Active vacation in South Estonia

Enjoy privacy and a cozy hunting house and find the right activity

Active vacation in South Estonia

Different opportunities of active vacation

Active vacation – It’s not sleeping in the bed, It’s outdoor movement! In addition to the sauna of the hunting house, you can also order a smoke sauna and/or a hot tub. On the campfire site you can make a fire and grill in the barbecue corner.


Active vacation in the forest and on the river of Väike-Emajõgi

In addition, you can go to the forest surrounding the Salu hunting house. The forests are very good for picking cockroaches and blueberries. If you are interested, you can go bloodless hunt or even hunting. Bloodless hunting and hunting tourism are according to season and agreements. If you want, you can walk along the hiking trails both on foot and by bike. There is also a lake at Soontaga hiking trail where you can go swimming.

If you want you can go on a canoe trip to the Väike-Emajõgi. If you stay in the Salu hunting house more than one day, then you have time to go to see sightseeings.

Sightseeings info can be found HERE.


There are good mushroom forests around the Salu hunting house for picking up chanterelles and other mushrooms.


There are good berry forests for picking up blueberries and other berries around the Salu hunting house.


You can take a trip on RMK's hiking trails, which are very close to the Salu hunting house. Hiking trails are also very good for cycling. There is also a lake near the trail where you can go swimming.


Possibility to go to a comfy canoe trip with a company. You can choose either a 13, 7 or 3 km track.


The hot tub with bubble system and LED lighting is 2 meters in diameter and accommodates 6-7 people.


The smoke sauna has 2 rooms, a front and a steam room for up to 5 people in both rooms. It is also possible to jump in the pond after sauna visit.


Come and spend a nice day with a bloodless hunt. It is possible to take pictures wild animals in the places of fodder and in the stall. You can take pictures of wild boar, red deer, roe deer and elk. In case of a good chance it is possible to get a bear, a wolf or a lynx in the picture.


You can hunt according to the season and agreement.

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