The Salu hunting house

If you want a romantic private holiday for two people or a small group for several days, ask for a special price!

The Salu hunting house

Holiday in South Estonia in a beautiful location at the edge of the nature reserve

Beautiful and private location

South Estonia has beautiful landscape and invites you to rest in the nature. Salu hunting house is located in the middle of Valgamaa forests in South Estonia, away from towns and highways. This ensures a pleasant private stay for the guests. It can accommodate up to 12 people. A good place to organize a smaller company event. Also ideal for smaller parties or gatherings. Come on holiday in South Estonia.

Cozy hunting house

There is everything you need for a pleasant stay in Salu hunting house. The house has 6 rooms, two of which have double beds. The other rooms have twin beds. In the summer it is possible to camp at the hunting house in your own tent. There is plenty of room at the hunting house and there is a separate campfire site.

There is Wi-Fi and TV in the hunting house. It is possible to use both a smoke sauna and a hot tub with LED lighting and a bubble system. Barbecue and campfire facilities are also available. The Salu hunting house is surrounded by forests that are good for picking mushrooms and berries. A hiking trail of RMK is within walking distance. You can go there on foot or on the bike. There is also a lake by the hiking trail where you can go swimming.

Beautiful location

Salu Hunting House is located in a beautiful place on the edge of the Soontaga Nature Reserve, away from the noise of the highways and cities. The location is private and offers the opportunity to go hiking in the woods, picking up mushrooms and berries or just enjoying nature.


The Salu hunting house offers a cozy retreat. Relaxation and energy recovery are guaranteed. In addition to its beautiful location, the hunting house is a nice place to rest.


Hunting house is designed for comfort. There is a possibility to cook yourself and go to the sauna. All the necessary items and equipment are available to be comfortable and pleasant.

About Us

The Salu Hunting House has been built to offer visitors a pleasant holiday in a beautiful and private natural environment. In addition to accommodation, we offer activities in the wild and the Finnish sauna, hot tub and smoke sauna.

Holiday in South Estonia

A small overview of the nearest sightseeings of the Salu hunting house

Tõrva parish

Not far from the Salu hunting house, just 9 km far there is the Barclay de Toll Mausoleum. Next to Tartu-Valga highway is the Nuutaläte sacrifice source, which is 11 km from the Salu hunting house. Slightly further afield are the Helme Caves, 17 km away. The nearest town is Tõrva, 13 km away. There is a good opportunity to swim, jump from the jump tower (Estonia’s tallest jump tower – ca 11 m) to the water and take a sun. The lake water is clear. Who want can also play discgolf. There are also water bike rentals at Vanamõisa Lake in Tõrva.

Otepää parish

It is also not far from Kuutsemäe, just 17 km away. In winter it is good to go skiing and snowboarding on the hill. Otepää is a city where you can visit the SPA and have a good time for golf club at Otepää Golf Club. Otepää is about 20 km from the hunting house. In winter, Otepää has plenty of opportunities to enjoy activities.


As South Estonia is known for its beautiful nature and its domes, it is also possible to go a bit further to visit the Võrumaa hills landscape when staying at the Salu hunting house. Rõuge is about 70 km away. In Rõuge there is a watchtower “Pesapuu” . A tower “Suur Munamägi” is also 10 km from the Pesapuu watchtower.

Come to the Salu Hunting House and find your new adventure!