Rent of hunting house and activities


Room for single use - 80.- Room for two ** (twin beds or one double bed) - 99.- Accommodation for three people - 120.- Accommodation for four people - 140.- Accommodation for five people - 200.- Accommodation for six people - 240.- Accommodation for seven to twelve people 400.- By prior arrangement, it is possible to order meals from the family. We will prepare a menu that suits you, local seasonal forest products and game meat. * 9% VAT is added to all prices ** The holiday home has 2 rooms with a double bed and 4 rooms with twin beds Christmas holidays, and New Year's Eve and On Midsummer Day prices by agreement. For longer stays, prices by agreement.

400 €

Salu jahimaja Lõuna-Eestis

Rent of Salu hunting house

price by agreement


Hunting tourism

100 €


A Hot tub

30 €

wokpan rent

WOKpan rent

100 €


A Smoke sauna

20 € per person

or 45 € day
Kanuumatk Väike-Emajõel

Canoeing on the Väike-Emajõgi

price by agreement

hommikune mets - vereta jaht

Bloodless hunt

50 €


Smoke oven rent

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